January 23, 2018

January 1, 2018

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New and Exciting Changes for Peer Pantry

May 4, 2018

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Where do I get my protein?

As someone who has been following a plant-based (way of living) for 2.5 years I can attest that it is also not without its perks. A balanced plant-based diet is related to many health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure , inflammation, weight loss  and reduction of certain cancers. But as with any diet, balance is key. I can just as easily  be harmed by a lack of of nutrient-dense products or foods that do not balance my diet.Keep in mind that many other plant-based foods also contain protein, which quickly adds up in an (eating lots of different healthy foods). These foods include artichokes, spinach, green vegetables, spirulina, green beans, chia seeds, nuts and seeds, (related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food) yeast and more. If you're conscious about your protein and overall health and  considering a plant-based lifestyle  (related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food) then you're sure to get the most benefit and live a long and healthy life if you can commit to these alternative protein sources. 

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