Do you need a 1 on 1 nutrition professional  

We offer custom nutritional guidance and structured meal planning  or clients  who need accountability and direct support centered around their individual health goals and dietary restrictions.

“ Blueprint” $50

Free Consultation and Custom Meal Plan        

We start by first giving you a free consultation that is followed by a commitment of comprising a written 30 day meal plan that is customized for you to be able to follow and create your own meals each day of the week.

House of Health” $100

 In addition to receiving a custom meal plan, you will also receive (1) in-home or (1) grocery store meeting per month to  complete a comprehensive understanding and education on how to shop for fruits, veggies, grains and meats.              

Interior Health Design” $150


This plan features weekly check-ins with your nutrition professional, custom meal plan, (2) in-home visits or (1) grocery store meeting per month *


Dream House of Health & Wellness” $200

 This plan gives the client the opportunity to have a custom meal plan, (2) in-home visits or (2) grocery store meetings per month. Clients also have the opportunity to allow for their nutrition professional to do their grocery shopping for them in accordance to the meal plan specifications and ingredients.”


Ready to get started? 

 216-314-8003 / / P.O. Box 210171 Cleveland OH, 44121

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